Posted on | 01-Apr-2015

Theme: Role of Modern Wars In Achieving Political Objectives

  1. Penumbric Warfare: The Interplay and Competition of Comprehensive National Power
    Vice Admiral (Retd) Vijay Shankar
  2. Problems of 21st Century: Use of Military Force and Statecraft
    Air Marshal (Retd) Dhiraj Kukreja
  3. Political Objectives and Modern Wars
    LT Gen (Retd) PC Katoch
  4. War: Relevance in Contemporary and Future Politics
    Brig (Retd) Rahul K Bhonsle
  5. The Spoils of War
    Rear Admiral (Retd) Vijai S. Chaudhari
  6. Book Reviews
    • India and China in South East Asia Competition or Cooperation
      Col MD Upadhyay
    • India and Africa Enhancing Mutual Agreement
      Col Amit Sinha
    • BRICS and the China –India Construct A New World Order in Marking?
      Col MD Upadhyay
    • Developments in the Gulf Region Prospects and challenges for India in the Next two Decades
      Col Navjot Singh
  7. Interaction