1. Centre for Joint Warfare Studies (CENJOWS) is an independent Think Tank engaged in research work for subjects of concern and interest to its valued audience in the tri-service domain. The aim of CENJOWS is to promote jointness as a synergistic enabler for the growth of Comprehensive National Power and it focuses on issues of tri-services integration.
  2. The inputs of CENJOWS publications are utilised by highest level policy and decision makers of India, leaders and key personnel of important defence and civil establishments involved in the defence and security ecosystem of India, Think Tanks, Defence and Security Affairs, CENJOWS members, Media and Publication Houses and Universities involved in Strategic Studies.
  3. The articles forwarded should be related to the following aspects:

• Covering tri-services aspects.
• Activities which have implications for India including the recommendations for the decision makers.
• Warfighting doctrinal, policy and process recommendations.
• Indigenisation, innovation and Atma Nirbharta.
• Technology infusion in war-fighting.
• Global, Regional and Neighbourhood Security Situation and likely developments affecting India including key recommendations.
• Defence Diplomacy.
• Security Challenges of India.
• National Security Strategy of India.
• Higher Defence Management and Organisational Reforms.
• Defence Acquisition, Procurement and Production Policies.
• Defence Research and Development Reforms.
• Joint Warfare Policies and Structures.
• Multi Domain Warfare Concepts.
• Technological Developments and Likely Applications in Warfare.
• Defence Budget Optimisation.
• Theatre Level War Gaming and Simulation.
• Evolving Nature and Character of Warfare.
• Joint Training and Integrated Operations.
• Theme based /focused area-based articles when requested by CENJOWS.

4. Only referenced articles will be published.

5. The articles are invited for the following categories:

(a ) Web Articles

    • Can be sent anytime.
    • Word length: 1200-2500 words.
    • Not more than one in a month by the same author.

(b) Issue Briefs

    • Can be sent anytime.
    • Word length: 3000-5000 words.
    • Not more than one in two months by the same author.

(c) Occasional Papers/Policy Papers/Synodos Papers.

    • Can be sent at any time.
    • Word length:6000-8000 words.
    • Not more than one in the three months by the same paper.

(d) Monographs

    • Can be sent anytime.
    • Word length: 15000-30000 words.
    • Not more than one in three months by the same author.

(e) Books

    • Can be sent anytime.
    • Word length: 50,000 or more.
    • Not more than one in six months by the same author.

(f) Synergy Journals

    • Published biannually in the months of February and August.
    • Theme and related details will be notified.
    • Word length: 3000-4000 words.
    • Not more than one article by same author in single journal.

6. All the above articles are paid for as per applicable rates. Web articles are internally reviewed whereas all other articles may be external peer-reviewed.

7. Common to All

  • The article should be forwarded in word document to
  • Font size 12, Arial. Spacing 1.5
  • CENJOWS follows Chicago style referencing. The referencing guidelines are available on CENJOWS website: Wikipedia References will not be accepted.
  • Certificate of originality to be attached.
  • No use of AI tools to write the articles.
  • Declaration of publication being forwarded only to CENJOWS.
  • No use of classified information.
  • Clearance by MI/Competent authority whichever is applicable.

8. Content Coverage

  1. While each article should have genesis/background/introduction, followed by issues under examination and their analysis, recommendations and to be closed by summary/conclusion having salient aspects.
  2. Except web articles, all other publications, the main article should be preceded with abstract and keywords before the article is forwarded to

9. It will be our endeavour to keep the authors posted about processing of their articles but don’t send reminders up to 30 days of your article having been dispatched.

10. The author is requested to include the name and details as he/she wants the same to be appearing at the end of the article along with a passport size photograph.

11. Certificate as under duly signed

i.  I, ______________, hereby affirm that the article is original. No AI tool or classified information has been used to write the article.

ii.  I declare that the article is being forwarded to CENJOWS and nowhere else for publication.

iii.  Clearance by MI/Competent authority as applicable is attached.

iv.  Published articles will be assets of CENJOWS and cannot be republished without permission of CENJOWS in any manner.

v.  I have no objection to CENJOWS modifying my article before publication.

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