CENJOWS is an Independent Think Tank engaged in the research work for subjects of concern and interest to its valued audience, on subjects listed in CENJOWS website.

The readers/audience of CENJOWS publications are highest level policy and decision makers of India, leaders and key personnel of important defence and civil establishments involved in the defence and security ecosystem of India. Think Tanks, Defence and Security Affairs, CENJOWS members, Media and Publication Houses and Universities involved in Strategic Studies.

Web Articles and Papers offered by CENJOWS members and other authors for uploading on the CENJOWS website must relate to the key areas of research of CENJOWS and aimed at the visualised audience. Web articles may be written in about 2000 words and Papers in about 3000 to 4000 words, adhering to widely prevalent research norms, with due attribution – (Chicago Manual of Style for References). For inviting wide ranging talent, publications will normally be restricted to one article or paper by an author in a month. Articles submitted should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Serving Officers would be responsible for obtaining clearance from their respective HQs. Articles and papers selected for uploading on the website are expected to pass plagiarism checks.

CENJOWS accepts Articles and Papers in MS WORD, 2007 and newer versions or PDF. The electronic text should be preferably British spellings. The text should be in 1.5 spacing with standard margins.

Articles and Papers should be submitted through e-mail to the ID; with the subject: “Article submission for CENJOWS Website”.

All articles/papers will carry the certificate that “This article/paper is original in content, unpublished and has not been submitted for publication/web upload elsewhere. The facts and figures quoted are duly referenced, as needed, and are believed to be correct. The paper does not necessarily represent the organisation views of CENJOWS.”

Research Subjects

  • Global, Regional and Neighbourhood Security Situation and likely Developments.
  • Defence Diplomacy
  • Security Challenges of India
  • National Security Strategy of India
  • Higher Defence Management and Organisational Reforms
  • Defence Acquisition and Defence Production Policies
  • Defence Research and Development Reforms
  • Synergising and Strengthening Joint Warfare Policies and Structures
  • Enriching Multi Domain Warfare Concepts
  • Technological Developments and Likely Applications in Warfare
  • Defence Budget Optimisation
  • Theatre Level War Gaming and Simulation
  • Evolving Nature of Warfare

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