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From Pixels To Purpose: Digital De-Tox And Indian Army

Introduction The increasing prevalence of digital devices and internet connectivity has led to a growing dependence on technology, resulting in a phenomenon known as “Digital Addiction”. In recent years, digital technology has become an integral part of modern life, with smartphones, social media, and the internet dominating our daily interactions. This digital revolution has undoubtedly […]

Capability Development Through Technology: A Tri Service Prognosis For Integration

Whatever Can Be Clearly Defined Can Be Precisely Designed and Developed Introduction The long drawn Russian Ukraine War  and the recent Israel Hamas Conflict are a stark reminder of the nebulous geopolitical and geostrategic realignments. After all it is a well known fact that ‘In International Relations, there are no permanent friends or enemies, there […]

Hamas – Israel Conflict 2023: Ushering an Era of Geopolitical Instability And Its Fallout

The Geopolitical Chessboard and the Shifting Balance of Power in the Middle East The Middle East’s geopolitical complexity is rooted in its history, energy resources, and religious significance. The region’s centrality as a crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa makes it geopolitically vital[i] Historical legacies and contemporary issues shape its politics. The Middle East’s importance dates […]

Maldives: Choices and Implications for India

Background Maldives is an archipelago in the South Asian region which has Sunni Islam prescribed as its official religion[1]. Still, the Islamic practices have been less conservative in the country since the time of independence and India has always enjoyed friendly relations with this neighbour. Maldives historically did not use Islam as a tool for […]

Lethal Autonomous Weapon System and International Concerns

For as long as humans have waged war, they have constantly taken up measures to develop and improve the technology while posing least amount of the risk to the operators. In the last decade, several technological advancements have brought forward revolutions in weapons technology. Our weapons technology has changed from gunpowder and landmines to the […]

China’s Growing Capability in Underwater Warfare: Implications for the Indo-Pacific

Introduction With the proliferation of technology, the rivalry between nation-states has expanded to various grounds from the outer space to sub-surface of oceans. The Deep Sea is considered to be the realm of power projection in undersea warfare. It is fought with an intention of defending coastal waters, diversified marine assets and the Sea Lanes […]

Key Takeaways From India’s G-20 Presidency

Introduction The G-20 is a forum for economic cooperation that was established back in 1999 and has its roots in a series of financial crises as its inception was in the wake of the Asian financial crisis and then its transformation from being a forum for finance ministers to one for Head of State/Government also […]

Tryst With Technology – Counter Insurgency Counter Terrorist Op Scenario Perspective

Merging Technology with Tactics is the next big disruption in military operations, with technology being the first respondent in CICT Ops – sensor IOT based search and surveillance, drone and UGS driven cordons for round the clock watch and tactical probes, precision munition attacks to soften potential targets with least collateral damage and ghataks ready […]

Chinese Human Intelligence Operations And Elite-To-Elite Diplomacy

Human intelligence is a complex business, wherein special agents are employed for the collection of intelligence, manipulation of information, deception by feeding false information, sowing confusion, and even counterintelligence to find out the agents of the enemy.  Napoleon’s saying that “one spy in the right place is worth twenty thousand men in the field,” is as pertinent today as it was two hundred years […]