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Operation Atalanta: New Horizons of Maritime Security Co-operation Between India and Other Nations

Introduction To increase the security measures in the maritime domain especially in the region of the Horn of Africa, different naval forces in the Indo-Pacific joined hands to seek cooperation with various international organizations, international actors and regional partners. However, since the problem of piracy, crimes in the fisheries sector, illegal trade, illicit trafficking and […]

Need For Indian Defence University

BACKGROUND The idea for Indian Defence University (IDU), an autonomous institution, was initially conceived in 1967, strongly recommended by “Sethna Committee” in 1980 and the 1999 “Kargil War Review Committee”, as well as the Group of Minister’s report on “Reforming National Security System” in 2001. It was felt that advisors to the Government in security […]

India- Kenya Joint Vision Statement: Opportunities Ahead

Introduction India and Kenya completed their 60 years of diplomatic relations in 2023. The two countries share a strong bond, built on a foundation of centuries-old historical ties that are diverse and harmonious. As geographic neighbours linked by the Indian Ocean, the two nations have a natural partnership driven by a shared past from colonial […]

India’s Approach To Indus Water Treaty: National Security Perspective

“Every factor was against us. The only sensible thing to do was to try and get a settlement, even though it might be second best, because if we did not, we stood to lose everything. The very fact that Pak had to be content with waters of three Western Rivers underlined the importance of having […]

PM Modi’s sortie on LCA Tejas: Raises Expectations

Introduction On November 25, 2023, history was made when Prime Minister Narendra Modi fully kitted in IAF green flying overall, fighter pilot G-suit, wearing aviator glasses and a flying helmet, took to the skies on an indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas twin cockpit fighter aircraft. The event was extensively covered by print, electronic and social […]

Military Leadership Challenges: Navigating Complexities of 21st Century

Introduction Military leadership in the 21st century presents a multitude of intricate and multifarious challenges that necessitate character, flexibility, creativity, intellectual superiority, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The ever-evolving global and regional landscape, in conjunction with shifting societal norms and technological advancements, compels military commanders to chart unexplored territory while upholding the values of […]

The Jus ad Bellum and Jus ad Bello Dilemma’ With Focus on Israel – Hamas War

Preamble. Global organisations and leaders, geo-political and security experts, international think tanks and the global citizen have always questioned the necessity of conflict, its moral and ethical justification, proportionality of response, and the vital aspect of widespread, appalling infrastructure and human casualties, specially of innocent women and children. Since time immemorial, the innocents have always […]

From Pixels To Purpose: Digital De-Tox And Indian Army

Introduction The increasing prevalence of digital devices and internet connectivity has led to a growing dependence on technology, resulting in a phenomenon known as “Digital Addiction”. In recent years, digital technology has become an integral part of modern life, with smartphones, social media, and the internet dominating our daily interactions. This digital revolution has undoubtedly […]

Capability Development Through Technology: A Tri Service Prognosis For Integration

Whatever Can Be Clearly Defined Can Be Precisely Designed and Developed Introduction The long drawn Russian Ukraine War  and the recent Israel Hamas Conflict are a stark reminder of the nebulous geopolitical and geostrategic realignments. After all it is a well known fact that ‘In International Relations, there are no permanent friends or enemies, there […]