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Ongoing Israel-Iran Conflict : Critical Analysis

Introduction Icon-download Till April 1 Israeli attack on the Iran Consulate at Damascus, Iran was fighting with Israel using proxies. Within 13 days of the attack, Iran has now entered the conflict directly. This has led the West Asian region into a wider conflagration, with Gaza already burning under continued attack by Israel. On 1 […]

Agni 5 A Marvelous Achievement : The Big Game Changer

Introduction Icon-download With testing of Agni V on 11 March 2024, India has joined the select countries like USA, UK, Russia, France and China. Its range allows it to target adversaries in both the Eastern and Western directions. The launch of the MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle) -capable Agni-5 thus marks an important milestone […]

India and Bangladesh: A Strategic Partnership Revisited for the 21st Century

Background Icon-download      India and Bangladesh have shared a long history since the liberation of Bangladesh.  Bangladesh plays a crucial role in the strategic and security aspects of India so India needs to keep a close look at the political situation in its neighbourhood. India considers Bangladesh not only a neighbouring country but also a […]

DRDO Reset: Time to Recalibrate its Gunsight for Empowerment of the Defence Forces

Icon-download “Proud of our DRDO scientists ‘Mission Divyastra’, the first flight test of indigenously developed Agni-5 missile with Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle Technology” -Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India on X Introduction The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), India’s premier defence research agency, is set for a major overhaul as a high powered […]

Reorienting Towards A Joint Services Organisational Culture

Icon-download ‘A NATION’S CULTURE RESIDES IN THE HEARTS AND IN THE SOUL OF ITS PEOPLE’  -Mahatma Gandhi- As the nation embarks on the path of global recognition and self-realization, the Indian Armed Forces are destined to play an ever increasing role in the nation’s growth trajectory. All three services individually as well as collectively have […]

Operation Atalanta: New Horizons of Maritime Security Co-operation Between India and Other Nations

Introduction To increase the security measures in the maritime domain especially in the region of the Horn of Africa, different naval forces in the Indo-Pacific joined hands to seek cooperation with various international organizations, international actors and regional partners. However, since the problem of piracy, crimes in the fisheries sector, illegal trade, illicit trafficking and […]

Need For Indian Defence University

BACKGROUND The idea for Indian Defence University (IDU), an autonomous institution, was initially conceived in 1967, strongly recommended by “Sethna Committee” in 1980 and the 1999 “Kargil War Review Committee”, as well as the Group of Minister’s report on “Reforming National Security System” in 2001. It was felt that advisors to the Government in security […]

India- Kenya Joint Vision Statement: Opportunities Ahead

Introduction India and Kenya completed their 60 years of diplomatic relations in 2023. The two countries share a strong bond, built on a foundation of centuries-old historical ties that are diverse and harmonious. As geographic neighbours linked by the Indian Ocean, the two nations have a natural partnership driven by a shared past from colonial […]