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The Upsurge of Terrorism in South Kashmir and Jammu: The Changing Dynamics

Introduction The Indian region of Jammu and Kashmir has always been a hotbed of terrorism, this is multifaceted and finds its roots in the social, political, religious, economic and geographical composition of that area. While the presence of these issues in the region has prevailed over time, their trends and frequency have been evolving. Terrorism […]

Fighting In The Age Of Unmanned Weapons: Straws In The Wind

“History shows that what matters most in periods of technological disruption is not getting a new technology first or even having the best technology but finding the best ways of using it…… both on the battlefield and in its bureaucracy.” -Paul Scharre, Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence What is happening? The […]

Atmanirbhar Bharat -Indigenisation In Defence Sector

“I want to tell the people of the whole world: Come, make in India. Come and manufacture in India. Go and sell in any country of the world, but manufacture here. We have skill, talent, discipline and the desire to do something. We want to give the world an opportunity that come make in India,” […]

The Camp David Summit: Championing A New Era of North East Asian Security?

“We, the leaders of Japan, the Republic of Korea (ROK), and the United States, convened at Camp David to inaugurate a new era of trilateral partnership. We do so at a time of unparalleled opportunity for our countries and our citizens, and at a hinge point of history, when geopolitical competition, the climate crisis, Russia’s […]

Gray Zone Capabilities Of Pakistan: Should India Be Worried?

Abstract Gray zone is usually described as a space between peace and war where the belligerent employs tactics without making them reach the threshold of conventional warfare; they are irregular, hybrid tactics, or proxy wars, which make it difficult for the rival to counter these threats effectively. There is no winning in gray zone warfare; […]

An Assessment Of China’s Blue Water Ambitions

Abstract The term blue-water navy does not constitute any set of qualifications for the title, but it sure does require instruments for spanning sea control in the deep waters. A lot of parameters like logistics, fleet submarines, and air power projection come in handy when determining the sea control capabilities of a navy. As of […]

Quad And Subsea Cable Saga

Introduction Subsea Cables The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) is the one that goes unheard in the international community for cable protection. The ICPC, which was founded in 1958, is an international agency with 69 nations represented by around 190 member organisations, ranging from enterprises to governments and bodies. The name suggests its mission. The […]

South Korea’s Three-Axis Defence Strategy: Is It An Effective Deterrent?

Introduction North Korea’s aggressive behavior in the region has always raised concerns for South Korea and others. Ideological and economical differences between them make their contemporary rivalry even more adversarial. The 38th parallel, a 150-mile-long demilitarized zone came into being to ease tensions. With technological advancements, cyber-attacks, and weapon modernization it is important to look […]

The Battle Beyond The Frontlines: Social Media Driven Information Warfare In The India-Pakistan Context

Introduction Hybrid warfare is a contemporary stratagem that melds conventional, irregular, and cyber warfare with various influencing methods like disinformation campaigns and lawfare to disrupt opponents without open hostilities. A key aspect of this approach is information warfare, which leverages the interconnectedness of today’s world to manipulate public perception, sow discord, and undermine institutional trust. […]