1.Drones: Challenging Air and Land Warfighting Precepts By Lt Gen Sunil Srivastava (Retd)

2.Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems Revolutionising Combined Arms Warfare By Lt Gen AB Shivane (Retd)

3. Combined Arms Warfare-Need for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)? By Lt Gen PR Kumar

4. PLA’s Unmanned Vehicles’ Employment in Western Theatre Command Brig Anshuman Narang

5. Manned-Unmanned Warfare in Mountains: Assessing Latest Trends By Air Vice Marshal Rajesh Isser (Retd)

6. MUMT v/s A2/AD Exploring to Dominate in a Contested Environment By Gp Capt (Dr) Dinesh Kumar Pandey (Retd)

7. Fusing Intelligence – Drones, Manned Assets & Satellites By Air Marshal Daljit Singh (Retd)

8. Fusing IMINT – Drones, Manned Assets & Satellites By Col Vijay Narayan Shukla

9. Integrating Drones for Long Range Precision Fires and Time Sensitive Targeting – An Indian Perspective By Brig Devendra Pandey

10. Drones as Force Multipliers By Gp Capt Amitabh Mathur (Retd)

11. Drones as Force –Multiplier in Future Wars By Brigadier (Dr) Navjot Singh Bedi (Retd)

12. Naval Drones – Force Multipliers in Maritime Operations By Capt (IN) Kamlesh K Agnihotri (Retd)

13. Drones and Border Management: Threats, Challenges and Opportunities By Gp Capt (Dr) Swaim Prakash Singh

14. India’s Drones Ecosystem: Enhancing Civil Military Fusion By Dr Ulupi Borah & Ms Arijita Sinha Roy

15. R&D and Innovation Strategy: India’s Quest to Emerge as Global Drone Hub By Ms Anamitra Banerjee & Shri Ujjawal Upadhyay