1. Space- The Ubiquitous Dimension of Military Matters by Lt Gen PR Shankar (Retd)

2. Space Warfare- The Final Frontier of War in Space by Gp Capt (Dr) Dinesh Pandey (Retd)

3. Relevance of Space Situational Awareness for Indias Space Security by Col Gaurav Soni & Dr William Selvamurthy

4. Requirement and Challenges of Multi-Sensor Data Fusion by Gp Capt Amitabh Mathur (Retd) & Wg Cdr Vishal Jain

5. Leveraging New Space Domain-An Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Perspective by Gp Capt Arvind Pandey (Retd)

6. Cyber Attack against Satellites by Capt (Dr) Nitin Agarwala

7. Posturing in Outer Space Contours of an Indian Integrated Space Development Program by Lt Gen (Dr) Anil Kapoor (Retd)

8. Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO)- The Emerging Band of Interest in Space by Gp Capt Puneet Bhalla (Retd)

9. Space Based Solar Power Geopolitical Connotations and Implications for India by Col Kaushik Ray &  Dr William Selvamurthy

10. A Strong Case for a Bharatiya Tertia Optio Cislunar Strategy by Prof Chaitanya Giri

11. Space Based ELINT – A Chinese Case study- Measures to develop capabilities in Indian Context by AVM Sanjay Bhatnagar (Retd)

12. Indias role in leveraging Space IT Parks to promote Space based CSR by Ms Anamitra Banerjee

13. Mosaic Warfare Space as Enabler in the Indian Context by Lt Gen Karanbir Brar

14. Proliferation of Satellites and Need for Space Doctrine by Brig Akhelesh Bhargava (Retd)

15. Exploring Indias Space Diplomacy- An Analysis by Dr Ulupi Borah

16. Comprehending Legal Aspects of Outer Space by Col Vijay Narayan Shukla & Ms Arijita Sinha Roy