Posted on | 01-Apr-2015

Theme: Economic Warfare In The 21st Centuray

1. Economic Warfare – Nuances in 21st Century 1
Lt Gen PC Katoch, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SC

2. Economic Warfare: Keeping Visible the Iron Fist 11
Vice Admiral Vijay Shankar (Retd)

3. 21st Century Warfare – Economic or Financial 24
Air Mshl Dhiraj Kukreja (Retd)

4. The 21St Century Oil Glut & India 33
Col Amar Ramdasani, YSM

5. How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan’s Attack on
Pearl Harbor 41
Robert Higgs

6. What India must do to thwart any Economic Challenge at the World Stage 47
Syed Nooruzzaman

7. Book Review • The Other Kashmir – Society, Culture, and Politics in the
Karakoram Himalayas 55
Col MD Upadhyay

8. Interaction: Bangladesh NDC Delegation to India 57
Col Amit Sinha