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War Against Global Terror

Author : Col (Retd) S K Sharma, Senior Fellow CENJOWS

Like conventional warfare, terrorist wars cannot be fought out on battlefields, instead, terrorism is on our streets, in our homes; it therefore poses a much greater threat than anything we have faced in the past. Terrorists now use aircraft as smart bombs to destroy buildings and human suicide bombers to kill and mutilate the innocent. Moreover, terrorists have acquired an intimate knowledge of sophisticated modern weaponry, making the threat of a nuclear, chemical or biological attack on a major population centre almost inevitable.

India must prepare for the day when US pressure is no longer effective on Jihadis in Pakistan. India must quickly upgrade its own counter-insurgency skills and get the best technologies and institutional arrangements as the future bristles with danger.

The Seminar on “Global War on Terror” therefore was an attempt to explore the reasons of this growing menace of terrorism and suggest measures to counter it. The Seminar was conducted under the aegis of Centre for Joint Warfare Studies over two days ie on 15 & 16 Apr 2009. The proceedings of the Seminar will be of use for all those who are involved with finding solutions to the growing menace of Terrorism.