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Author : Col (Retd) S K Sharma, Senior Fellow CENJOWS

‘Force Projection,’ per se is not a new phenomenon, it is an urge, perhaps as old as the mankind itself. Historically Kings and Empires have been venturing out to increase their area of influence. In fact Kautilya in his ‘Aarth Sashtra” has professed that the prime duty of the King is to expand his territory and area of influence. In the present scenario, emergence of China and India as economic powers has shifted the global focus on to Asia.

Force projection operations are essentially complex and inherently joint. It is a demonstrated ability of the nation to rapidly alert, mobilize, deploy and operate anywhere in the world. Quite clearly therefore force projection will require orchestration of joint forces in an integrated manner.

The Seminar on ‘Indian Experience in Force Projection’ has endeavoured to draw relevant lessons for future in employing National Power in a synergetic manner.