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India's Comprehensive National Power

Author : CENJOWS Study Group

Even as the sphere of national influence has expanded so is the challenge to our security and the complexity of governance. With over 40 ministries and departments of the Central government, a coordinating inter agency mechanism has become a paramount need of the hour to sustain our national interest across the globe. While the present systems have served their purpose so far, there is a need to review these from the perspective of functioning in the information age, where increasingly, governance is being carried out at the, “speed of thought”. Moreover for a developing country as India, security and development are two sides of the same coin. This is amply evident with the many challenges facing us in diverse spheres from Naxalism to Terrorism. A joint national security decision making which could contribute to comprehensive national power through seamless inter agency coordination between all agencies involved in national defence is thus the need of the hour. This important study addresses this challenge very lucidly and comprehensively.