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Indian Way of War Fighting

Author : Col (Retd) S K Sharma, Senior Fellow CENJOWS

No other country has lived with so complicated a past so equably, assimilating everything that has happened to it, and obliterating naught. Even the intricate histories of European states have not produced such a rich pattern as bequeathed by the Mauryas, the Ashokas, the Pahlavas, the Guptas, the Chalykyas, the Hoysalas, the Pandyas, the Cholas, the Moguls, and the British to identify a few of the people that have shaped India’s inheritance.

The warrior qualities enunciated in scriptures and historical accounts of ancient and modern Indian wars, are all in consonance with the Indian way of war fighting. Valour, steadfastness, self-sacrifice, innovativeness and courage displayed by the Indians in all wars during different periods, has a typical touch of Indian culture inspired by the scriptures and refined by the genetic evolution. The moot poser that really remains unresolved is, as to why no Indian way of war fighting has been ever conceptualized despite such attributes and history.

Scholarly studies on Indian way of war fighting have not been so far undertaken by the scholars in a comprehensive manner. Although warriors have been eulogized, historical narratives of events have at times been given without giving details and analysis.

The proceedings of Seminar on “Indian Way of War Fighting Way Ahead” give an account of intellectuals’ analysis and deliberation of the subject.