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Understanding Iran

Author : Air Marshal (Retd) Dhiraj Kukreja, AVSM,VSM

The traditional Indo-Iranian relations go far back into history when modern Iran was known as Mesopotamia and Persia. Iran has the largest Shiite population in the world, nearly 3.5 crores shias , 40% of the world 18 crores shias reside  in India. With such historical relations, India can hardly afford to ignore Iran.   Unlike The Indian Diaspora in other Arab states, Iran does not have many Indians that transfer back funds back home. The balance of trade  has always been  favour of Iran with oil  being the major import.  India needs Iran not only for gas and Oil  but, also because commonality of thinking on several issues  and its  geostrategic location. Iran provides link to the Afghanistan and central Asia. Iran has become crucial test for India’s foreign policy. The issue brief is written by Air Marshal ( retd ) Dhiraj Kukreja AVSM,VSM . He is the is alumni    of the national war college in the USA.