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A Spectrum of Modern Warfare

Author : Ajay Singh

"A Spectrum of Modern Warfare" traces the evolution of warfare since the start of the 20th Century and examines its transformation into the form it has adopted now. It examines the different generations of warfare − The muscular, simple form of First Generation Warfare; the firepower and attrition based model of Second Generation Warfare; the Maneuver predominant form of the Third Generation; and finally the unconventional form of Warfare − The Fourth Generation- that we are witnessing now.

The book examines present day concepts being followed by armies across the world, including the concepts of Hybrid War.

The scenarios painted in the book reveal a striking similarity with the war- posturing in Korea and the present Chinese intrusions in Ladakh.

The book provides an insight on the nature of modern warfare and perhaps in a small measure will help prepare for the wars that are to come.