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Indo-U.S. Defence Cooperation

Author : Gp Capt (Retd) GD Sharma, VSM

Today India and the U.S. share a convergence of interests on many fronts. This has been ushered due to the rapid pace of changes in the Indo-Pacific region and the consequent shift in geo-political and geo-economic centre of gravity. The countries have initiated dialogue-and cooperation on strategic issues, in counter-terrorism; information exchange, defence etc. Considerable mutual trust has been built up and continues to move beyond the period of decades of geopolitical alienation.

Many in India tend to view United States with as much suspicion as China despite Beijing's role in bolstering our hostile neighbour's missile and nuclear weapon programme and continual claim on Indian territory. Generational change in India is producing an increasingly young, globalized middle class which aspires to see India as one of the great power. They are more comfortable with projection of liberal idea of India which is closer to the United States.