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Uniform Code of Military Justice

Author : Col (Retd) R Balasubramaniam, VSM

Statutory authority for the system of military law and administration of justice in the army. Navy and Air Force in India is governed by The army Act 1950, The Navy Act 1957 and The Air Force Act 1950 respectively. All service personnel are subject at all times to military law as set out in the respective statutes, wherever they may be stationed. No major changes have been introduced in the service law ever since they were enacted barring some piecemeal changes incorporated in the Army Act1950 in the year 1992 through Amendment Act 37 of 1992.

The research paper aims to study the main aspects of the current disciplinary system as set out in the service laws and the need for progressive approach to amend the existing laws by projecting the need to consolidate the Three Service Acts into a single system of Service law.